OBTAIN: Medical Records

If you experienced a change in your health during or after CSH, and you believe that CSH is responsible, we invite you to, a) OBTAIN before-and-after medical records related to the change, and, b) REPORT a case.

BEFORE medical records might include doctors’ progress notes and/or laboratory or x-ray reports that give a DIAGNOSIS (medical explanation) of the problem, a PROGNOSIS (expectation of if/when recovery might occur), and/or PRESCRIPTION (recommended medications or procedures) to treat the condition. You may also include photographs or videos that demonstrate the nature of the problem.

AFTER medical records include the same kinds of information as “before” records, but are from after CSH has been practiced. To be useful for GMRI purposes, these records should indicate a change in condition for which there is no obvious medical explanation. You may also include photographs or videos that demonstrate a change in your condition.

Every patient in the United States has a right to obtain copies of their own medical records. This is because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) passed by Congress in 1996. You may be asked to provide a written request to your healthcare provider. You may be charged a “reasonable, cost-based fee.” There are just a few circumstances in which medical providers can legally deny you access to your records (e.g. psychotherapy notes, or information that could endanger someone’s life), but in such an event you are generally entitled to a written denial letter.

A medical records request letter is available in Word or PDF format.

Some providers may prefer to release records to another physician rather than to you directly. If this is the case, you may ask that your records be addressed to:

David Zaritzky, M.D.
Global Medical Research Institute
172 Fern Dr. SE
Cleveland, TN 37323

(617) 294-9136  

Please make sure that you reference the "GMRI Case ID" that is located in column 1 of the "View case reports" page.

If you need help in determining which medical records to request, for now please proceed to REPORT a case, as this will help us to assess whether and/or which types of records will be most useful in assessing your case.

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