OBSERVE: Christian Spiritual Healing

Christian Spiritual Healing (CSH)—prayer to God in the name of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit—is a commonly practiced form of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Researchers at GMRI want to know more about how CSH is practiced, what practitioners and recipients experience during and after CSH, and whether there are measurable health effects.

If you believe you have observed a case in which CSH affected someone’s health in a measurable way, we want to know about it. Perhaps you were praying for someone else, and you noticed a change in that person’s condition. Or you may be the person who received CSH, and you experienced healing or a worsening of your condition that you attribute to CSH.

We are most interested in cases for which there are BEFORE-and-AFTER MEDICAL RECORDS indicating a change in condition for which there is no obvious medical explanation.

If you have experienced such a change in your health, we invite you to, a) OBTAIN before-and-after medical records related to the change, and, b) REPORT a case.

If you witnessed someone else receiving CSH and you believe there may be medical records that shed light on the case, we invite you to, a) tell us what you observed, and, b) encourage the person who received CSH to OBTAIN medical records and REPORT a case.

An expert medical review panel will, a) ASSESS the case through an in-depth, expert review process, and, b, PUBLISH the review results for selected cases.

These steps are described on the following pages.

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